We had news we would likely be moving to Canberra for work and had always wanted to live in Campbell.

We found the perfect place but it needed the perfect builder.

When we first saw 16 Savige Place on the internet from the United States it looked a lot like a construction site and a lot of worry.

Before we were even willing to contact the Real Estate Agent we had to know - was the perfect builder available to help us with a half completed project? I rang my Mum, who had already had a house build by Joe many years ago. She rang Joe who
said he was prepared to take the assignment on. And that is where the story of our home began.

We could not have even considered purchasing our home in the state it was (incomplete and unliveable) without the knowledge that someone we could trust completely, on the other side of the world, would be finishing the house for us. We needed Joe to be able to make decisions for us in matters of style, substance, aesthetics and even finances. We had to be able to trust him 100% because he was working to a certain deadline so that all of the work could be completed in time for us and our two babies to move in.

Even now we still look around our home (which is so much more than a house, and the project it began as) and smile. Joe has taken this home on a journey from chaos to completion and with style.

When people visit our home the comments are universal - it is a warm and inviting home yet modern and spacious. It is eco-friendly in design. We have used design ideas from Joe himself to enhance spaces - like the two decks - the fences. We have chosen themes like the 'imprinted' concrete driveway and pathways which are reminiscent of weathered rock pools by the sea. We wanted to blend our home in with the eucalyptus colours of the surrounding bush and Joe helped us with our colour schemes within and without the home.

Joe and his wife Marica took us to places we would never had ventured design wise but without which our home would be a far less attractive and inviting place. The warm red splash back was Marica's idea. The granite in our ensuite Marica found while we were still living in the United States. How can one describe the multicoloured multi faceted beautiful living stone she had found for our ensuite! It is too difficult for me but somehow Marica conveyed it so perfectly that even over the phone we knew it was just right for us.

Joe had to pick up the reins from where the previous owner builder had left off. He took the existing feature of the wooden bench in the kitchen and reflected the tones and warmth of the wood grains in the wood he selected for us inside and outside the home. Joe had the vision to create features where otherwise we would have had eyesores (the beautiful Merbau wood below our main deck disguises the otherwise bland large water tank).

In circumstances that would have led most builders to infuriation, Joe took the long distance and the delays in communications in his stride and has delivered to us, from mere plans and piles of refuse, our lovely home.

Joe knows everything about building. He is truly a master home builder, what he does with materials in making a home is akin to that which a true artist can render with paper and paint. He took our vague ideas (based on a building we hadn't even SEEN with our own eyes or walked into when we bought it) and he produced for us the ideal home to raise our family, to host our friends, and to live our lives. Joe leaves nothing to chance and his comprehensive and expert workmanship shows itself in every single room - and outdoor area of our home.

Words are insufficient to express the beauty of Joe's work, the details he sees to, the image in his own mind of the finished product. Joe does not merely complete a job. He brings life to a building, turns bricks and mortar into a living home. Without his consent to take on this rather arduous task we would not even have made an offer to purchase. With the knowledge that he would build for us, we delighted in the chance to bid, we celebrated the purchase and have been rewarded by the beauty of the Master Builder's work.

Thank you JAG Homes. You are master craftsmen, builders, home makers. You are our friends and you have given us a place we really do call home. Thank you!

- Darin and Emma

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